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  Kitscon is Licensed to Market & Sell Cuboro Produts in India
  The cuboro marble track system
  cuboro is a marble track system consisting of cubed elements made of natural beech wood 5x5x5cm. cuboro elements feature functions on the surface as well as tunnel functions. Countless combinations are possible - starting from simple two-dimensional ones up to highly complex three-dimensional ones.
  Wood: beech wood - natural - FSC certified, origin: Switzerland
  Over the years the cuboro system has received several awards.
  cuboro-basic sets
  A basic set is required for the use of the supplementary sets as well as to resolve the tasks of the didactic manual "cuboro creative thinking". All fundamental elements necessary for the construction of a track system are contained in the basic sets. The various elements can be combined to countless track systems.
  cuboro standard - the basic set - 54 cubes
54 cubes made of natural beech wood (5cm) with 12 different functions, 5 marbles.
cuboro creative thinking - in English!
The exciting teaching material "cuboro creative thinking" for the cuboro marble track system is a novel method for a playful training of spatial sense and logical thinking. Due to the tasks in the instructions manual "cuboro creative thinking" which are designed for the basic sets cuboro standard or basis, experiences in geometry, physics, tactical and constructional approaching as well as in technical understanding can be acquired on different learning levels. Coincidental construction of simple marble track systems, finding a solution to given tasks as well as designing complex systems foster creativity, concentrativeness, diligence, patience and, as in group tasks, the ability to work in a team. 
Didactic manual - cuboro creative thinking
  The new teaching material for the cuboro marble track system "cuboro creative thinking" was released in cooperation with the Indian licensee “Kits & Concepts (India) Pvt Ltd” and publishing house Kitscon in Chennai. These instructions drawn up by inventor Matthias Etter, give pupils concrete exercises applicable to different studying areas. If tasks are applied purposefully, the cuboro marble track system provides a three-dimensional, multi-purpose teaching aid with which advancement aims from kindergarden level up to gifted education can be fulfilled. At the same time, diligence, patience and, as in group tasks, the ability to work in a team are fostered.
cuboro creative thinking
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