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What we do
Mathematics teaching in today's school in textbook dominated, concerned with endless repetition and meaningless memorization. To find the area
of rectangles, triangles, circles or any regular polygons, the students are asked to memorize the formulae.

They also memorize the value of pi, Pythagoras theorem, identities and the list is endless. This makes the learner conclude that mathematics is
nothing but rote memorization of body of rules and formulae, to be learnt at the dictate of the teacher.
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  Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam
We ourselves realized the real value of our Kitscon math lab Instruments, when our great President of India Dr. A P J. Abdul Kalam, invited Ramanujan Museum & Math Education Centre team to his office at Rastrapthi Bhawan on 12th January, 2005 and spent nearly 20 minutes of his golden time to analyze the simple concepts spelt by EX math lab Instruments. At last he said
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